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At Inter-Capital our product is the level of our service to the client. This is something that cannot be quantified, but has infinite possibilities. We are in the business of providing certainty and peace of mind. The services which support this mission are focused on commercial real estate finance. Please review the information below, so that you may better understand some of the specific areas in which we allocate our resources.
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We offer commercial mortgage brokerage services to investors and business owners looking to either purchase or refinance their properties. Areas include office, retail, industrial, multifamily, etc.
Our group has a background in commercial loan acquisiton brokerage with great insight into how to best maximize your buy side and the strategy of proceeding through the closing process to achieve your goal.
Sometimes there is a need to go "outside of the box" and when the occasion arises we are able to offer some direct internal financing. The key focus here is to provide short term financing with a clear exit strategy for our investors.
Clients are always looking for solutions on larger projects, but might not need direct financing services. There may be an opportunity to utilize our expertise to assist in providing a strategy for maximizing your project objectives.
The principals of Inter-Capital Group have long term relationships with lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, wealth managers, court-appointed receivers, property managers, surveyors, civil engineers, architects and title companies in the communities we serve. Let us know how we can be a resource to you.
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